Request for Proposals

Hand holding cube of lignin in warehouse

Production of High-Performance Lignin Products in Ontario

The intent of this project is to provide a strategic, policy-level briefing note or roadmap showing the way towards the production and, ideally, the use of High-Performance Lignin from wood in an Ontario context. While the influence of policies is critical and should be acknowledged and addressed, the focus needs to be on technologies, business information such as capital or operating costs, potential markets and potential pricing, etc.


The primary deliverable will be a report outlining potential next steps in the context of the current state of the art, for a readership including Ontario government policymakers and industrial
strategic planners.

This RFP is for Phase I of a potential multi-phase project. Specifically, CRIBE requires a strategic, techno-economic roadmap to identify production and market opportunities for lignin in an Ontario context, with specific focus on what it would take to get one or two lignin plants built in Northern Ontario in a 3-to-5-year timeframe.

Please download the Request for Proposals document for further information.