Call for Vendors of Record

    Thank you for your interest!

    We are no longer accepting applications for this opportunity. We encourage you to monitor our opportunities for future funding challenges.

    Over the next 2-3 years CRIBE and Nextfor will be investing in work that supports the development of Ontario’s Bio-Economy and Forestry Sector.

    We need global, provincial and regional service providers, innovators and bio-economy experts to support various initiatives.

    All Vendors of Record must also be registered Nextfor users.

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    Project Background

    CRIBE is an Ontario based non-profit that works to support the development of next generation forest products through collaboration and project funding. Nextfor, an initiative of CRIBE, is an industry-led ecosystem of collaborations to create and accelerate new technologies and forest-based products in Ontario.

    CRIBE and Nextfor are interested in working with service providers and partners with experience in the regional, provincial and global bio-economy.

    Goals and Outcomes

    The purpose of this VOR is to gain an understanding of the available capacity to undertake regional and provincial level case study work on an as needed basis across Ontario. Vendors of Record will have first come access to future Request for Service as work proceeds. Successful inclusion in the VOR Listing does not guarantee contracts, but will ensure accelerated issuance of contracts and resources to address a myriad of projects.

    Potential areas of service include:
    • Forestry/Technical Field Services
    • Geomatics Services
    • Analytical Modelling Services
    • Geographic Information System Support and Development Services
    • Economic Analysis Services
    • Product Development and Marketing Support
    • Industry Benchmarking
    • Life Cycle Analysis/Climate Change Modeling
    • Other…