Next Generation Biomaterials 2022

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Project Background

In 2021, Nextfor launched a series of “Forest-Based Biocomposite” Forums to bring industry experts and innovators together, to create a roadmap for Biocomposites & Bioplastics opportunities in Ontario. Utilizing these forums, in conjunction with some work with Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research at Western University, Nextfor has launched this challenge fund to address the materials and technologies identified as interest by our collaborators.

With this Challenge, Nextfor will address commercialization barriers and develop market-based outcomes to de-risk applications in a high state of technological readiness. Pursuant to the feedback from the Forest-Based Biocomposites Forums.

The specific challenge is to sustainably commercialize the inclusion of forest-based feedstock in next-generation biomaterials. Large-scale inclusion of forest-based feedstock into biomaterials will support the forest product sector, help end-users meet low carbon goals and provide made-in-Ontario solutions. Increased commercialization of forest-based biomaterials may make a significant contribution towards both the immediate objectives of Nextfor, as well as other provincial and national initiatives.

Project Goals and Outcomes

The purpose of this RFP is to launch a $500,000 funding challenge (50% industry matching contribution required) to support a project which will sustainably commercialize the inclusion of forest-based feedstock in next-generation biomaterials.


For the purposes of this funding challenge, the project must increase the commercial readiness of a “next-generation forest-based biomaterial”.

“Biomaterials” are considered any material that has two main components; a continuous matrix and a filler. Eligible biomaterials might also include additives. To be eligible for this funding challenge, the “biomaterial” must incorporate forest-based feedstock in one or more of the following: the matrix, the filler, and/or the additive(s).

Eligible biomaterials must be considered “next-generation”. For the purposes of this funding challenge, conventional composites (i.e fibre board, OSB, decking material, etc.) are not considered to be eligible.

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