Forest Innovation Forum

Forest Innovation Pathways and Opportunities in Ontario

February 24 2022

9:00 am EST – 12:00 pm EST

International Guest Speakers

Thank you to all who participated and to our wonderful guest speakers. Missed it? Watch the replay today!

On February 24, 2022 Nextfor hosted a virtual Innovation Forum. Participants heard about current CRIBE and Nextfor initiatives, as well as updates from some of our partners, including a presentation on Opportunity Wood Flow Modelling from Forsite.

Presentations were followed by a panel discussion on “Opportunities for Future Collaboration”, where participants asked questions and heard from our national and international speakers.  Speaker information can be found below.

Building off of this virtual forum, we will be hosting an in-person Forest Innovation Forum, “Driving Innovation With Data”, on April 20 2022 in Toronto.

Key Takeaways

Using scenario based modeling to evaluate wood supply in the province allows for new entrants to understand regionally available fibre and what would be required to access more fibre for existing industry. 

Results of modeling may help address potential barriers and allow for diversification, leading to innovation in the forest bio-economy. Diverse species utilization and synergistic uses will allow for increased utilization and forest industry competitiveness, including in new applications in the forest bio-economy.

Technology exists to address many forest industry bottlenecks.  Cross jurisdictional adoption remains a barrier.  With increased information sharing, widespread adoption could increase.


Update on CRIBE and Nextfor Initiatives

“What will Ontario’s forest bioeconomy look like in 2030 and how will it integrate with the primary forest products sector?”

CRIBE and Nextfor have been working to identify opportunities in, and support, Ontario’s forest bioeconomy through Innovation Forums, targeted engagements, roadmapping exercises and much more. Get an update on CRIBE and Nextfor initiatives by watching the replay!

Putting Wood to Work – Opportunity Wood Flow Modelling

“This has always been a dream to me… to have the entire province in a model.”

Forsite is developing a model to help answer the questions “What, Where and How Much?”; modelling opportunity wood across the province of Ontario. Learn more about this project by watching the replay!

Update on Forest Innovation and Technology Opportunities for Ontario

“Our goals are to bring transformation and diversification of the forest sector, create new markets for wood products and improve sector competitiveness.”

Learn more about how FPInnovations is working to reach these goals by watching the replay!

International Collaboration Opportunities between Finland and Ontario

“We need companies who are willing to take risks, we need funding instruments to support those companies, and we need intensive R&D cooperation with those companies.”

There is significant opportunity for collaboration between Ontario and Finland in the areas of forest inventory, new product development and commercialization, and forest management and harvesting practices. Learn more by watching the replay!

What is CRIBE/Nextfor

CRIBE is an Ontario based non-profit that works to support the development of next generation forest products through collaboration and project funding. Nextfor, as a part of CRIBE, is an industry-led ecosystem of collaborations to create and accelerate new technologies and forest-based products in Ontario.

Nextfor launched a series of Forest Innovation Forums in 2019 and 2020 to gather feedback on the state of Forest Innovation in Canada and Ontario. Nextfor workshops identified the need for:

  1. Better data/information capture and utilization related to wood supply
  2. Identification, development and optimization of new markets
  3. Creation and adoption of new technologies/machinery
  4. Improved communication and better collaboration

Since 2020, Nextfor has facilitated online workshops and forums to further these discussions and facilitate open information sharing and collaboration. The February 24, 2022 forum was part of these discussions and sets the stage for an in-person forum in April 2022.