Economic Fibre Supply Model

This interactive tool combines forest inventory information (tree species, volumes, locations) with the location of potential facilities to help you estimate delivered fibre costs.

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This tool utilizes government open source data for its interactive maps and dashboards

Main dashboard content:

  • Opportunity Wood Species Volumes
  • Delivered Cost Evaluation
  • Regional Selection for Estimations
  • Detailed Modeling Results by Region

The application uses stand-specific values to determine delivered fibre costs, and species volume information to support the screening of potential regional economic development opportunities.   This fibre is representative of allocations within an approved forest management plan. Available volumes for development must be scoped with further investigation.

For detailed instructions on the functionality of this tool please download our PDF here.

*Note: This tool is not optimized for mobile devices, please view using full sized screens.

** Note : You MUST Select a region of Interest before the dashboard will populate.

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