Project Background

Throughout the Canadian forest sector, Lignin has traditionally been treated as low-quality, low-value side streams of product processing. However, lignin is an abundant raw material. When extracted and processed, lignin has a wide variety of uses and applications, including opportunities to displace traditional fossil- based chemicals and products. Lignin-derived products will play a crucial role in the Canadian bio-economy value chain.

Nextfor, a program of the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy (CRIBE) is launching a new accelerated Request for Proposals (RFP) from standing or newly established consortiums which have commercial or pre-commercial ready technologies and solutions to establish or increase the commercial readiness of one of the lignin based platforms as identified by Nextfor’s High Performance Lignin Forums:

  • Polymer Fine Chemicals;
  • Resins/Adhesives;
  • Thermoplastics and Composites

To be eligible for this challenge, the proposed products and/or applications must utilize wood-based lignin.

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Project Goals and Outcomes

The purpose of this RFP is to launch a $1 million joint investment challenge (50% industry matching contribution required) to support a project which will establish or increase the commercial readiness of lignin-based platforms; and build robust consortiums through information sharing and collaboration.

This project would see the commercial demonstration of a new lignin-based product or application in an accelerated timeframe.

The Accelerated Commercialization Trial: Lignin 2.0 (ACT: Lignin 2.0) builds upon Nextfor’s High Performance Lignin Challenge, which was launched in 2020.  Projects in the ACT: Lignin 2.0 funding stream must be completed by March 31, 2023.


For the purposes of this RFP, a consortium must be formed with the lead project proponent being an Ontario-based company. More detail on consortium criteria and eligibility can be found in the supporting documentation.

For the complete ACT: Lignin 2.0 Registration Package, interested parties must register for free to become a Nextfor member.

Launch Date – May 3, 2021
Deadline for Submissions – July 5, 2021